Did I mention that I hate capitalism?

Today, my mother received her Galaxy A12 in the mail which she bought through her carrier.

Why? Originally so that she had a phone new enough to run at minimum Android 6 — the minimum version the Service Victoria app — the app the Victorian Government in Australia demands that everyone has to check in with their QR code system — calls for to be installed.

Earlier this week, my brother supposedly did his research and found that that phone shipped with the convenient little feature that is NFC. Little did he realise that it also said market dependent.

Not that big a deal, right? Thing is, mum wants to be able to check her blood glucose via the little sensor on her arm using her phone rather than the little dedicated monitor that has an onboard reader. As a result of this, she wants to just upgrade to the latest & greatest handset available, because, and I quote:

It should have everything.

— Brendo’s mum

The fact that my mother has come to this conclusion is sad. The fact that capitalism today has allowed companies like Samsung to make such stupid decisions like this, on the other hand… is just fucking infuriating.

I don’t give a shit if this fucks with my job prospects. Companies like Samsung need to be called out on their shit. Yes, some are better than others, but I wouldn’t have written this post up if Samsung offered what I can only assume is quite a fucking cheap feature everywhere the damned thing is sold. Yes, I suppose NFC could be considered a more mid-range feature, but is an NFC transceiver really that expensive that companies can justify omitting it from a phone in certain markets?

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