Site updates

g’day, over the last few weeks, there’s been some kinda major updates to the site: new url! we’re now based at new theme! purely cause why the f**k not as an inadvertent result of point 1, i had to make a visit to the database and tell it to fix the image links, as… Continue reading Site updates

Something decided to play up

My apologies for the site being down today and yesterday, depending on your timezone. For some odd reason WordPress was unable to connect to the database, yet prior, it was. I’ve managed to fix it by changing the hostname for the database in the wp-config.php to the IP address of the server, so you might… Continue reading Something decided to play up

Server Update #1

G’day! Today, and yesterday, I did a few things with the server. WEB server: Finally got https working! 😀 (Sun, Jan 26) Made http traffic be redirected automatically to https (today) the website itself: Changed the theme to “Twenty Seventeen” to hopefully make the site in general look better (and less, uh, Apple-y) the system… Continue reading Server Update #1

Bruh. It’s. Alive.

Today, Friday, January 17th, 2020, marks the day that I was bothered to turn my server into a basic tilde. I’m incredibly lazy so yeah that’s a huge thing.