Photos. Just… Photos.

soooooo i completely forgot about the photos i took last week… here’s some from last week and this week to try and make up for it. (and because i’m lazy, it’s a big-ass photo dump.)


“I think it’s a roadtrip; we did over 100km” -Brenton We did a liiiiittle bit of travelling today: Firstly, out to Tyers Pumping Station Secondly, out to Erica, and lastly, Yallourn Heights before yeeting back to Morwell. Tyers Pumping Station: Erica: Yallourn Heights Aaaand Bonus Pic of the Week:

oi brendo where’s the photos?

My friend bailed last-minute on Thursday, unfortunately. Something probably came up. I don’t know. However I do have a couple of morning shots from this past week. Yes. I’m starting this back up again, tildeverse.

a photo.

we didn’t get out to where we wanted to in time so here’s a single photo of today’s sunset plus a bonus of the fog from this morning holy shit