Upcoming Changes (2023-01-21)

Note: This message has been reformatted since original release. If you’re an absolute masochist and want to view the raw IRC log, it can be viewed here.

Hey all,

I’d like to announce some changes to aussies.space.

At the end of this month, shell access for aussies.space will be discontinued. This is due to incredibly limited use of the compute resources aussies.space has available & the maintanance burden they pose.

However, this is not the end of aussies.space. Some features will remain, in a slightly different form – this includes:

  • The IRC node: will move to irc.aussies.space, or stay on au.tilde.chat
  • Web pages & gopher pages: accessible via SFTP, will remain on aussies.space main domain
  • WeeChat/other IRC client access will be available on: [email protected] – to start off with, this is likely to be weechat only and will be expanded over time
  • Mail server will move to: mail.aussies.space

aussies.space is reshaping into a more lean featureset with less maintenance burden, staying closer to the australian latency + presence problem, rather than trying to provide compute/community resources/functions readily available on other, larger tildes.

Please /query me if there are specific functions you will miss greatly, and I will see what I can do.

At the end of this month (2023-01-31), all users will receive a .tar.gz of their current homedir on the email they originally signed up with
i will provide via other methods if proof can be given (eg SSH key)

IRC client configs, maildirs, webpages, gopher pages will be automatically transferred over
Snapshots will be taken in one week from today, the 28th of Jan (AEST time).

You can expect most services to resume by the 31st of Jan (AEST time) at the latest.