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  • wait, i had a thought? (a semi-random suggestion turning into a neat idea)

    A couple of my colleagues now have a few Have I Been Pwned stickers. One wanted to stickerbomb some of their personal gear, and another I offered just because I could. That second colleague queried how I ended up with so many stickers in the first place, which reminded me… It’s kind of amusing to…

  • I did this to myself

    So fun story right… As I type this up in the WP Mobile app, it’s 1:50am. I’ve got a 9-5 shift today, meaning a 6:30am alarm. See a problem? …damn it. Don’t be like me.

  • Amusing call

    So if you vaguely know me enough (by that I mean very well) you’ll know that I managed to convince one of my colleagues and fellow chaotic friends to spin up a FreePBX instance. …on his Unraid server. I can’t remember exactly when I’d brought it up, but at one point I’d mentioned that it’s…

  • Protected: The IT Crow

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Ghost CMS: My thoughts.

    This was painful.

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