Ghost CMS: My thoughts.

Post started Wednesday, April 28th, 2021. On Tuesday, April 27th, I managed to get my Ghost instance up. It was a pain in the fucking ass. …but only because of my stupidity. Let me explain. The Install Chaos I started installing Ghost that morning, my time. I figured it’d need a reverse proxy, so, to… Continue reading Ghost CMS: My thoughts.

brendo has a gmail filter

gmail says that email is spam this is not the case ☭ SEIZE THE MEANS OF EMAIL PRODUCTION ☭ note from the site owner: this autoposted to my fuckin’ mastodon account ya cheeky little shit xD

Pruning my Accounts

Last night (11th Feb, 2021), I was thinking about pruning follower/friend numbers on my Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts. Then I saw a post from one of my friends, calling out someone whom I thought was my friend, for calling those on the Autism Spectrum retarded. Let’s just say that individual was removed from my… Continue reading Pruning my Accounts

successful rickroll

note: the friend being referred to in this post was given first dibs on viewing. they didn’t mind me posting this historic moment. never thought I’d be saying this… but I sent a close friend of mine a link… this is their reaction: this is the single greatest reaction I’ve ever gotten for anything I’ve… Continue reading successful rickroll


haha take this xfnw (note: this is not admin abuse; this is just brendo being brendo) and now for your abnormally scheduled programming: Fuchs rollt sich ein und schläft ein. Füchschen klettert auf Fuchs. Kätzechen kletter auch auf.

Site updates

g’day, over the last few weeks, there’s been some kinda major updates to the site: new url! we’re now based at new theme! purely cause why the f**k not as an inadvertent result of point 1, i had to make a visit to the database and tell it to fix the image links, as… Continue reading Site updates

Photos. Just… Photos.

soooooo i completely forgot about the photos i took last week… here’s some from last week and this week to try and make up for it. (and because i’m lazy, it’s a big-ass photo dump.)

Day Three

note: unlike the last two posts, this one has been written after we got home, but is based off the notes I wrote Wednesday night. Today, Kieran (my younger brother) and I helped out one of the owners on the farm. Kieran also got a bunch of doggo photos, however I took this sunset photo.

Day Two

Checked out Buchan today. Got lunch and a cake each from the roadhouse, then went across the road to the general store to grab a map, but ended up leaving with just a little more than that. After that we drove out to where the Buchan and Snowy rivers meet and had some lunch. (It’s… Continue reading Day Two

Day One

Today we made our way out to Buchan. We’re staying at Stonehenge Farmstay Caravan and Camping Park for the next couple of days, because stuff it, why not™. For dinner, we had fish & chips from the pub. All I can say about that is that looks can be deceiving. Unfortunately there’s no signal so,… Continue reading Day One


“I think it’s a roadtrip; we did over 100km” -Brenton We did a liiiiittle bit of travelling today: Firstly, out to Tyers Pumping Station Secondly, out to Erica, and lastly, Yallourn Heights before yeeting back to Morwell. Tyers Pumping Station: Erica: Yallourn Heights Aaaand Bonus Pic of the Week:

oi brendo where’s the photos?

My friend bailed last-minute on Thursday, unfortunately. Something probably came up. I don’t know. However I do have a couple of morning shots from this past week. Yes. I’m starting this back up again, tildeverse.

a photo.

we didn’t get out to where we wanted to in time so here’s a single photo of today’s sunset plus a bonus of the fog from this morning holy shit

Windows 10 Update Breaks Google Chrome Security

Originally published at Microsoft has been making the news a lot for Windows Updates issues. Google has recently revealed that an update to Windows 10 1903 broke an essential security feature in Google Chrome. The update includes a security feature bypass vulnerability, as termed by Microsoft, which means attackers can let an application run code at… Continue reading Windows 10 Update Breaks Google Chrome Security

(Why) Privacy Matters

Originally published at on 12 March 2020.(admin note: seriously, check Anton’s site out! he posts a crap load more than I think I ever will here lol) There’s no doubt to many people that we are living in a highly-connected Internet age full of big data. As the amount of big data goes up,… Continue reading (Why) Privacy Matters

Something decided to play up

My apologies for the site being down today and yesterday, depending on your timezone. For some odd reason WordPress was unable to connect to the database, yet prior, it was. I’ve managed to fix it by changing the hostname for the database in the wp-config.php to the IP address of the server, so you might… Continue reading Something decided to play up

Server Update #1

G’day! Today, and yesterday, I did a few things with the server. WEB server: Finally got https working! 😀 (Sun, Jan 26) Made http traffic be redirected automatically to https (today) the website itself: Changed the theme to “Twenty Seventeen” to hopefully make the site in general look better (and less, uh, Apple-y) the system… Continue reading Server Update #1

Bruh. It’s. Alive.

Today, Friday, January 17th, 2020, marks the day that I was bothered to turn my server into a basic tilde. I’m incredibly lazy so yeah that’s a huge thing.