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By joining this channel, you agree to:

  1. not post NSFW content (as per Libera.Chat’s network policies, specifically here) (instant mode +b for u if you are break this rule)
  2. not discuss happenings in ##aussies (unless specifically approved by brendo himself)
  3. not be a total asshole over matters unrelated to within this channel (instant mode +b for u if you are break this rule)
  4. not spam
  5. not be a dick in general
  6. be kind to others (or at least try to, in cases where members have existing beef which technically goes against rule 3 anyway)

please also take a moment to read this when you can.


  • Please be advised that this channel may be used for bot testing at any given moment.
  • brendo usually posts images and files from https://assets.brendo.org/uploads/* or https://ttm.sh/*.