wait, i had a thought? (a semi-random suggestion turning into a neat idea)

A couple of my colleagues now have a few Have I Been Pwned stickers. One wanted to stickerbomb some of their personal gear, and another I offered just because I could. That second colleague queried how I ended up with so many stickers in the first place, which reminded me…

It’s kind of amusing to think that what started as a kind of random, barely-paying-attention suggestion turning into Troy having one of those gear-turning moments, which ultimately resulted in making his life a hell of a lot easier, by the sounds of it, to revamp the HIBP Domain Search feature into a subscription service that, if memory serves correct, also ties the breach lookup API in on top of this. Did I mention that after initially reaching out a few days later to mention more thought went into that idea, Troy and myself brainstormed the idea a little? (note in editing: …no i didn’t, otherwise i wouldn’t have pulled the post to add this)

There were some sane ideas:

troy: "Yeah, thought so. I'm thinking of doing "Pwned 1" as the existing 10RPM API key + small domain search, then "Pwned 2" for 50RPM and larger domain search etc"
troy: "Need a nice name now as "RPM" alone no longer makes sense"

brendo: "what about Pwned nn, where "nn" is the RPM?"
brendo: "makes it sound like it has more value to it, in a way"

troy: "Because if I make the plan do both RPM and domain search then using one and not the other to name it is misleading"

And there were some more… let’s say chaotic (totally not plagiarising, even if accidental) ideas:

brendo: "but what about Pwned 1, Pwned 1 Pro, Pwned 1 Pro Max, and Pwned 1 Pro Max Ultra?"

also brendo: "...oh right too wordy"

timestamp: Jul 17, 2023, 1:53 PM.
troy: *a screencap from The Simpsons containing a badge or desk plaque with the name "MAX POWER" printed on it*
troy: "LOL"

brendo: "oh my god YES"
brendo: "reserved for only the highest paying procurement departments"

And then some more sane ideas:

brendo, at midnight Jul 18th 2023: "so as my brain continues to fail to wind down for sleep, a few names come to mind… hopefully they’re sane enough:

- Pwned Basic
- Pwned Pro
- Pwned Ultra
- Pwned Enterprise"

troy, at a more sane hour that morning (10:22am): "Possibly, main issues with that is we already have an “Enterprise” line, plus you’re kinda limited in terms of adding more (unless you have like “Mega”…)"

brendo, at 12:50pm: "Pwned Megacorp"

In the end Troy (understandably) opted not to be sued.

And I’m only recalling this now. Over two months since that previously mentioned blog post went live. Maybe I should half pay attention when discussion is had about ideas more often…



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